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 Seoul is South Korea’s economic powerhouse, capital, and largest city. It is a mega city with over 10 million people as it is one of the largest cities in the world. Seoul technology has really advanced. They also have a great subway system as it the third largest in the world. As the headquarters for Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia and SK, Seoul has become a major business hub.

Seoul is divided into 25 district:
Dobong District (도봉구; 道峰區)
Dongdaemun District (동대문구; 東大門區)
Dongjak District (동작구; 銅雀區)
Eunpyeong District (은평구; 恩平區)
Gangbuk District (강북구; 江北區)
Gangdong District (강동구; 江東區)
Gangnam District (강남구; 江南區)
Gangseo District (강서구; 江西區)
Geumcheon District (금천구; 衿川區)
Guro District (구로구; 九老區)
Gwanak District (관악구; 冠岳區)
Gwangjin District (광진구; 廣津區)
Jongno District (종로구; 鍾路區)
Jung District (중구; 中區)
Jungnang District (중랑구; 中浪區)
Mapo District (마포구; 麻浦區)
Nowon District (노원구; 蘆原區)
Seocho District (서초구; 瑞草區)
Seodaemun District (서대문구; 西大門區)
Seongbuk District (성북구; 城北區)
Seongdong District (성동구; 城東區)
Songpa District (송파구; 松坡區)
Yangcheon District (양천구; 陽川區)
Yeongdeungpo District (영등포구; 永登浦區)
Yongsan District (용산구; 龍山區)

Major modern landmarks in Seoul include the Korea Finance Building, N Seoul Tower, the World Trade Center and the seven-skyscraper residence Tower Palace. These and various high-rise office buildings, like the Seoul Star Tower and Jongno Tower, dominate the city’s skyline.

Cities in South Korea

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Cities in South Korea: Seoul Teukbyeolsi, Busan Gwangyeoksi, Daegu Gwangyeoksi, Incheon Gwangyeoksi, Gwangju Gwangyeoksi, Daejeon Gwangyeoksi, Ulsan Gwangyeoksi

Arlington Heights Apostille

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Arlington Heights is a village in Cook and Lake counties in the U.S. state of Illinois. A suburb of Chicago, it lies about 25 miles northwest of the city’s downtown.

Top employers According to the Village’s 2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the top employers in the city are:

# Employer # of Employees
1. Arlington Park 4,500
2. Northwest Community Hospital 4,000
3. Level 3 Communications 2,000
4. Township High School District 214 2,000
5. Paddock Publications 1,703
6. Lutheran Home 598
7. Alexian Brothers Health System 500
8. Village Of Arlington Heights 463
9. Kroeschell 450
10. Weber Marking Systems 300

What is an apostille? An apostille (a pos steel) is a way to certify documents for use in the target country. For instance, if you have a background check that need to be use in South Korea, you would need to obtain an apostille on the crc (criminal record check) before you can use the background check in South Korea.

Apostille Seal for South Korea

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Apostille seal for South Korea. It’s pronounced: A pos steel. If you’re planning to teach in South Korea you will need to get your FBI background check apostille and your degree apostille. An academic degree is a position and title within a college or university that is usually awarded in recognition of the recipient having either satisfactorily completed a prescribed course of study or having conducted a scholarly endeavour deemed worthy of his or her admission to the degree. Academic degrees were first introduced during the Middle Ages and there was little differentiation between them. Scholarly training could be viewed as analogous to apprenticeship to a guild. The term of study before new teachers were admitted to the ‘guild’ of “Master of Arts”, was the same as the term of apprenticeship for other occupations. Originally the terms “master” and “doctor” were synonymous, but eventually the doctorate came to be regarded as a higher qualification than the master degree. This is part of the paperwork needed for a visa to teach in South Korea.  

What is an apostille?
  • An apostille, or postil, is properly a gloss on a scriptural text, particularly on a gospel text; however, it has come to mean an explanatory note on other writings…
  • A special sign established in 1961 for certifying foreign documents.
  • This is a commonly encountered signature verification process…
  • Is a method of certifying a document for use in another country pursuant to the 1961 Hague Convention. …
  • Is it Good to go to South Korea?
    Over the course of 2010, tensions with the North rose and fell as Pyongyang engaged in a series of provocative actions believed to be tied to steps taken by the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, to position his youngest son, Kim Jong-un, as his successor. 

    In March, a South Korean naval vessel, the Cheonan, was sunk in the area and 46 sailors died. The incident badly frayed inter-Korean relations and Seoul blamed the sinking on a North Korean torpedo attack. The North has denied any role in incident. In August, North Korea fired 110 artillery rounds near Yeonpyeong and another South Korean island, the Office of Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul said at the time. In November, the North revealed a vast new facility built secretly and rapidly to enrich uranium.

    Fullerton Apostille

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    Fullerton is a city located in northern Orange County, California. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 126,003.

    What is an Apostille?
    Apostille is a french word for “certification.” It is an agreement among Hague country members to simplify the acceptance of official documents in the list of participating countries. The Hague Convention was formed in 1961.

    Examples of documents needing an Apostille or Authentication: Vital records (birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate), divorce decree, power of attorney, university degree, FDA, tax documents, bank statements, federal documents, state documents etc.

    South Korea Apostille | Teachers Need FBI Background Check and Degree Apostille

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    Teaching in another country can be a very heart-warming experience and worthwhile one. Each year, teachers from all over the world decide to teach in another country simply because there aren’t any jobs in their home country or they want to venture off to experience the world. In any case, you need to get your documents apostille. Two very important documents to get is a degree apostille and FBI background check apostille.

    Aliso Viejo Apostille

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    Apostille service in Orange County. Aliso Viejo is a city in Orange County, California. It has a population of 40,166 as of the 2000 census and an estimated population as of 2010 of 46,123. It became Orange County’s 34th city on July 1, 2001, the only city in the county to incorporate since 2000. It is bordered by the cities of Laguna Beach on the west and southwest, Laguna Hills on the east, Laguna Niguel on the southeast, and Laguna Woods on the north.

    Carlsbad, California

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    Carlsbad is a coastal resort city lying along the Pacific Ocean in the North County San Diego section of Southern California. Carlsbad is located 87 miles south of Los Angeles and 35 miles north of downtown San Diego. High property values, very high median family incomes, and high education levels have made Carlsbad one of the wealthiest communities in California and in the United States. A low population density, coastal location, thriving commercial sector, and an award-winning school district all contribute to the high standard of living in the area. It is one of the highest income places in the United States. The city is mainly known for shopping, tourism, a booming high-tech industry, and resort living.

    Chula Vista, California

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    Chula Vista beautiful view, due to its scenic location between the San Diego Bay and coastal mountain foothills) is the second largest city in the San Diego metropolitan area as well as the 7th largest city in Southern California. The city is found in the South Bay region of the metropolitan area in the U.S. State of California. Located just 7 miles (11 km) from downtown San Diego and 7 miles (11 km) from the Mexican border, the city is at the center of one of the richest economic and culturally diverse zones in the United States: The California-Mexico Border Region. Based on California Department of Finance estimates for January 1, 2007, the city’s population was 227,723.

    La Jolla, California

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    La Jolla is an upscale, hilly seaside resort community, occupying 7 miles of curving coastline along the Pacific Ocean in Southern California within the northern city limits of San Diego, California. The 2004 estimated population was 42,808. La Jolla is surrounded on three sides by ocean bluffs and beaches and is located 12 miles (19 km) north of Downtown San Diego, and 40 miles (64 km) south of Orange County California, The climate is mild, with an average daily temperature of 70.5 °F (21.4 °C) The economic engines of La Jolla are tourism, dining, and shopping.

    The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) is located in La Jolla, as are the Salk Institute, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and the headquarters of National University (though its academic campuses are elsewhere). La Jolla, like most of Southern California, is an area of great natural beauty with a mixture of geology – sandy beaches and rocky shorelines good for a variety of outdoor activities. The most compelling geographical highlight of La Jolla is its ocean front, with alternating rugged and sandy coast line and wild seal congregations.

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